We’ll be polite but firm with Trump: Trudeau, Macron

Quebec, June 8 (IANS) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that they will continue to be “polite and respectful” to US President Donald Trump, although they will be “firm” with Washington.

Trudeau and Macron, who starting on Friday will meet with the US leader at the G7 summit being held in Canada, said at an Ottawa press conference that in the past they had been friendly with Trump with an eye toward maintaining good relations with one of their main international allies.

Macron warned Trump that the recent decisions taken by the US on tariffs “are counterproductive” and will negatively affect “US workers” primarily, Efe reported.

The French President also said that the G7 summit doesn’t have to end with a document signed by all countries and that it is more important for the final document to be relevant, referring to the fact that differences with Trump on basic issues such as trade could result in the world’s most developed countries having to limit themselves to minimal agreements.

“Our aim is to achieve a document that everyone can sign, like last year,” said Macron.

But the French President also said that the desire to reach a consensus “should not be greater” than achieving real advances on the issues to be discussed.

He also suggested that the differences that both Europe and Canada have with the US are just temporary and linked directly to the Trump presidency, saying “Nobody is forever” and adding that the other G7 nations “don’t mind being six, if need be”.

Meanwhile, Trudeau — who will host the summit in the Canadian town of La Malbaie, some 140 km east of Quebec — was more conciliatory.

The Canadian leader said that the G7 summit “is a great opportunity to have frank discussions with countries who have been allies for some time”.

He acknowledged that although “there are issues on which (Trump) will not agree with us, such as climate change and trade”, the seven nations “will seek accords to continue moving forward”.

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