UK man cements microwave to head

London, Dec 8 (IANS) A British internet “prankster” had to be freed by firefighters after cementing his head inside a microwave oven, the media reported.

Fire service officials said it took an hour to free the man after they were called to a house in Wolverhampton city, reports the BBC.

Friends had managed to feed an air tube into the 22-year-old’s mouth to help him breathe, the service said.

A senior official said the man “could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured”.

“He and a group of friends had mixed seven bags of Polyfilla (cement) which they then poured around his head, which was protected by a plastic bag inside the microwave.

“The oven was being used as a mould and wasn’t plugged in. The mixture quickly set hard and, by the time we were called, they’d already been trying to free him for an hour and a half.

“It took us nearly an hour to free him,” the official added.

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