Tell people of Shivraj government’s failures, Rahul tells MP partymen

Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh), June 6 (IANS) Asserting the Congress was united in Madhya Pradesh, party President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday urged state leaders to reach out to the people to establish a connect with them and tell them of the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government’s failures.

Kicking off the campaign in Madhya Pradesh, where polls are scheduled at the end of the year, at a farmers’ rally here, Gandhi asked party workers to give their best to ensure victory.

“The soldiers of the Congress party are standing here. I want to tell the youth and everybody who has come here, you must have realised by now that Congress is fighting this election in a united manner… as a team.

“You must have realised that everyone is moving ahead together. You are our soldiers. You are the ones who fight at the polling booths. You give your blood and sweat to the party,” he said.

“… go and inform the people what has the state government done to the farmers. Go and tell them, how the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government and (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) Modiji have betrayed the youth of the state.

“You go and tell them how Vyapam (scam) has destroyed the future of so many youths for which Chouhan, his family, RSS and BJP people are responsible. You should tell the people that lakhs of rupees are required for treatment in hospitals in Madhya Pradesh,” he said in his message to workers.

Gandhi asked party leaders to reach out to the people.

“And our leaders who are seated here, I want to tell you that your job is to visit every houses, villages, cities.

“…I want all of you to hit the streets and visit the villages, because whoever reaches out to the people and establishes a connect with them, those who work at the grassroots, only they will find a place in the next government in Madhya Pradesh,” he said.

Gandhi also said that party workers will get top priority in the government which will be formed.

“Today I want to assure you that, once the Congress party comes to power whatever you have faced in the past 15 years under this government… we will never forget that,” he said.

Appealing to the youth and women of the state, Gandhi said that Congress’s doors are always open for them and the party needs their help to transform the state.

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