Taiwan stages live-fire military drills

Taipei, June 7 (IANS) Taiwan on Thursday staged live-fire military drills in Taichung city in the presence of President Tsai Ing-wen, amid growing tensions with China.

On the fourth day of the Han Kuang drills, the Taiwanese army simulated a full counter-attack against an enemy strike Combat between the island’s artillery and 16 F-16 fighter jets, posing as imaginary enemies, while 12 local Jingguo and eight F-16s staged the defence, according to a statement from the Ministry of National Defence.

These drills are being conducted at a time when China has intensified its military intimidation by sending in the vicinity of Taiwan aircraft carriers, including the Liaoning vessel and ships, and conducting security manoeuvre in the Taiwan Strait, Efe news reported.

Beijing has also intensified its efforts to isolate Taiwan on the international stage, leading to the World Health Organisation rejecting Taiwanese participation as an observer member in May and two diplomatic allies of Taiwan severing ties that same month.

The island has intensified its military cooperation with the US and the development of indigenous military hardware, including progress with missile and drone development.

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