Suspected Moroccan extremist re-deported from Italy

Rome, June 6 (IANS/AKI) Italian authorities have expelled a suspected Moroccan religious extremist for the second time after he was deported and re-entered Italy on a 10-day visa, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

The 44-year Moroccan was expelled aboard a flight from the northeastern city of Venice following his arrest in the northern city of Como, the ministry added.

The suspect had returned to Italy on the 10-day visa to attend a court hearing in the northern city of Piacenza. He had been deported in May after he showed signs of radicalization during a spell in prison for petty crime and investigators said he was “close to Islamic extremist milieux”, the ministry said.

A total of 51 suspected religious extremists have been deported from Italy this year and 288 since January 2015, according to the ministry.

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