Resolution demanding statehood tabled in Delhi Assembly

New Delhi, June 6 (IANS) Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday tabled a resolution, demanding statehood for Delhi, in the Assembly.

Moving the resolution, Sisodia said: “Every country in the world has a capital. People from all over the country live in the national capital. No government can claim to be democratic if they don’t consider the issues faced by the people living in the capital.

“For everything we have to go to the LG and his only job is to stop the Delhi government from doing good work.”

Sisodia also said that their government cannot even decide the metro fare and the “multiplicity of agencies have created obstacles in all round development and progress of Delhi as a world class city”.

During the debate, Akali Dal legislator Manjinder Singh Sirsa said the Delhi government has health, education and water under them, but still are not able to satisfy the people with their work.

“Elections are coming and to hide their failure they are demanding full statehood,” eh said.

He also said that Congress’ Sheila Dikshit, during the 15-year as Chief Minister, had constructed flyovers and hospitals with same amount of powers.

“When you are not able to manage the rights you already have, what will you do with more rights?” he asked.

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