Providing entrepreneurship ideas for SMEs

New Delhi, Dec 29 (IANS) At a time start-up India and stand-up India are buzz phrases, here are two books targeted at those wishing to turn entrepreneurs — particularly in the small and medium enterprises sector.

These handbooks not only provide you business ideas, but also list projects with profit potential and tell you all you need to know to make your idea a success — including such details as raw materials needed and manufacturing processes of different products.

Published by NIIR Project Consultancy Services, the handbooks — titled “Startup Projects for Entrepreneurs: 50 Highly Profitable Small & Medium Industries” and “Entrepreneur’s Startup Handbook: Manufacturing of Profitable Household Products” — promise to guide you through the labyrinthine process of setting up and making a success of your business.

Projects listed in the books — available at — include the manufacture of everything from banana wafers and biscuits to supari and spices. And from naphthalene balls and phenyl to tooth pastes and toothpicks.

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