Kerry Katona wants to send her ashes into space

London, April 22 (IANS) Singer Kerry Katona has reportedly arranged to have her ashes scattered in space after she dies.

Katona, 37, has signed up to a firm to launch a special rocket filled with her remains to scatter them across the galaxy in memory of her life, reports

Her decision means she will follow in the footsteps of “Star Trek” founder Gene Roddenberry and actor James Doohan, whose ashes were blasted into the heavens.

Katona has signed up to Manchester based business Pride Planning’s Stardust plan. She decided to go for the plan to avoid leaving funeral bills to her children.

“We all know Kerry never does things by halves and she thought this sounded amazing. She’s always had a fascination with space and she wants her funeral to be totally out of the box and memorable. She decided the last thing she wanted was for her children to deal with her funeral,” a source said.

“Everyone knows what an amazing mother she is and her kids mean everything to her. She’s doing this so that she doesn’t leave her children any funeral fees and so they can remember her life in a really incredible way,” added the source.

The former Atomic Kitten singer first heard about the send-off while watching BBC’s “Dragon’s Den”.

As part of the special send-off, rockets can be launched from anywhere in the world and ashes are scattered in front of a high definition camera. The ceremony costs 5,400 pounds, reported

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