Kate Spade depressed over separation, business problems: Police

New York, June 7 (IANS) Fashion designer Kate Spade, who was found dead in her apartment here, was depressed over her business problems and separation from her husband, which was causing her to drink a lot, said police officials.

Law enforcement sources told tmz.com that Kate was alone in her apartment when she tied a scarf around her neck, attached it to her closet door knob and hanged herself in her bedroom.

According to tmz.com, her husband, Andy Spade, was not in the apartment. The couple had separated and he was living in a nearby building.

The sources say Andy told police that he was separated from Kate for a couple of months. Andy added that he was at his apartment when he learned that Kate had committed suicide.

Andy told the cops that Kate “was drinking a lot,” and was depressed by business problems and their separation. As TMZ.com reported, he wanted a divorce but she did not.

It puts her suicide note in a somewhat different light. In the note, she tells her 13-year-old daughter it was not her fault, adding, “Ask Daddy!” suggesting that she blames Andy.

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