Jordanian cop stabbed ahead of key meet with union leaders

Amman, June 7 (IANS) A Jordanian policeman has been stabbed and seriously wounded by a demonstrator during ongoing trade union protests against the government’s economic reforms, Petra news agency reported.

Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki resigned on Monday amid pressure from the protesters, and Omar al-Razzaz took office on Tuesday, with a scheduled meeting and discussion with legislators and union leaders on Thursday before the forming of a new cabinet.

Wednesday’s attack was the first violent incident that Jordan saw during the demonstration week against reform of the income tax law and a sharp rise in fuel prices.

It took place in front of newly appointed Prime Minister’s Office in Jabal, an area where protests have been held every night for the last seven days, Efe news reported.

Amid chants asking for dissolving Parliament, hundreds of people also gathered to demand that the government rescind the controversial bill on income tax and bring about political reforms.

In addition, similar protests were held in other major cities across the country, such as Irbid, Zarqa and Al-Karak, according to activists.

The General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions on Wednesday had given the green light for the protests to proceed.

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