Jacqueline intrigued by Osho’s former assistant

Mumbai, June 10 (IANS) Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has never done a biopic, but says she is intrigued by Sheela, former assistant of spiritual leader Osho aka Acharya Rajneesh.

Asked whom she would love to portray on screen, the actress, who interacted with the media here where she was announced as the official global ambassador for Nova eyewear brand on Saturday, said: “I think something that would suit me. Probably, something based on a sports figure.

“I have been watching Osho’s biopic and his documentaries. There is a character named Sheela which is interesting.”

Jacqueline’s focus has always been “playing very interesting characters”.

“The character that would suit my personality would be someone who is a sports personality but if there is one character that has really intrigued me right now, it’s definitely Sheela who was part of Osho’s life.”

What is her personal style statement?

She said: “My statement would be ‘being yourself’. I think that’s really important. At a time when people follow trends blindly and not think about setting the trend themselves… I think if we just be honest with ourselves then all of us would be amazing trendsetters.”

“It is just that we need that confidence to believe in that. For me, my style statement has always been to be comfortable and be yourself as that’s all that matters.”

She also feels that her brand value “very slowly and steadily has gone up only because of the work that you do and the imaging that you have”.

“I have always believed in work in commercial cinema that I have been part of. I have been very selective of the kind of movies that I have been doing. For me, it is about fun, commercial work, working with good directors and great actors…”

Jacqueline’s forthcoming film “Race 3” is releasing on June 15 and the highly anticipated film “Sanju” will hit the screens on June 29.

Asked if the release of “Sanju” will affect the box office collection of “Race 3”, she said: “Not at all. I think we all are in this industry together. We should always be happy for each other and support each other.”

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