Hyper Local offers global cuisine, exotic drinks, live music

By Mudita Girotra

New Delhi, Sep 26 (IANS) With a friendly, relaxed vibe during the day, and its ability to quickly transform into an upbeat bar when the sun goes down, newly-opened restro-pub Hyper Local brings you a blend of global cuisine, live music and exotic drinks at reasonable rates.

Its whimsical interiors and wooden furniture lend this multi-storey outlet a colonial vibe, while its extensive menu and multi-cuisine dishes ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The fun doesn’t end there, as Hyper Local’s high glass walls and roomy interiors accommodate an acoustic DJ Sound System and even offer a full view of the market below. You can tap your feet and dance to some catchy tunes while taking advantage of the wide array of drinks offered at the impressive open bar, all within the familiar confines of south Delhi’s SDA market.

“We see a dearth of places that attain perfection in every aspect. Places with good food might not have a great ambience or option of drinks, and places with exceptional ambience might fail when it comes to food,” Hyper Local Director Vaibhav Poonia told IANS, as Abhishek Kapur, the other Director, added: “Hyper Local is a perfect melange of food and ambience where one can connect with like-minded people.”

With a vast menu offering various global cuisines, Hyper Local appeals to all kinds of palettes.

Their delicacies range from Purani Dilli ki hunter kachori to Greek pork gyros roll and from Mangalorean fish curry to melting corn and jalapeno “besan chilla”, ensuring the comfort of familiarity with an interesting twist of flavours.

The English baked stuffed potato skin, Chettinad chicken liver fried uttapam, raw mango salad, mutton samosa and Thai corn cup with sweet and sour prawns are all must-try dishes that are guaranteed to leave you satiated.

The outlet also offers a mouth-watering range of signature cocktails that takes you on a spirited journey through time. Having opened recently, they haven’t started serving all of them, but will soon do so.

So, here’s what’s cooking:

I started my meal with the restaurant’s signature dishes — murgh kesar kasturi kebab, crispy coconut curry chicken and peri peri crispy chicken bao. I clubbed these starters with Cachaça — a distilled spirit from Brazil made from fermented sugarcane juice — which gave me quite a nice high.

The kebab was nicely cooked with saffron, cream, cashew nuts and many more flavorful ingredients. It was pretty decent and went well with the drink.

The chicken curry, with its prominent coconut flavour, didn’t make the mark.

The chicken bao was a little intriguing at first, especially with its wrapping of a kulcha-like bread, but it tasted superb and was the clear winner.

After eating a whole lot of starters, there was hardly any space for the main course but a few dishes made me very curious.

“Mind it! It’s not tacos” is how the menu describes mom’s dry saag meat in phulka. It was a delight to feast upon — so filling and tasty.

Next on was Rajasthani mutton dumplings in saffron yogurt that was served with a lacha parantha. It was one of the best mutton gravies I have eaten so far.

Hyper Local is recommended for music lovers of all kinds.

One can enjoy different genres of live music on the first and the second floors and groove to Bollywood music on the third and fourth floors.

Instead of roping big names to attract an audience, this bar prefers to opt for young local talent for its gigs. It also plans comedy shows and open mics to keep the people entertained.

Hyper Local is a perfect combination of primitive charm and modern architecture that gives it an altogether contemporary aura.


Where: Safdarjung Development Area, opposite IIT
Cost for two: Rs. 1,500 (with alcohol)
Timings: 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

(Mudita Girotra visited Hyper Local at its invitation. She can be contacted at mudita.g@ians.in)

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