Hotline between India, China would save time: Sitharaman

Chennai, June 8 (IANS) Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday said a hotline between the decision makers of India and China would enable sorting out of the problems at the ground level faster.

Referring to the China-India border stand-off that went on for about 72 days last year over the Chinese construction of a road in Doklam, she called for forums that ensure greater interaction, while noting the hotline will cut time in reaching the empowered decision makers during a crisis.

The minister was speaking at a seminar on Trends and Transformations in China’s Geo-Politics, Strategy, Society and Business here organised by the Chennai Centre for China Studies and National Maritime Foundations.

Emphasizing that there was increased engagement with China, Sitharaman said India’s participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation gives both nations an opportunity to engage further.

She said engagement between the leaders of the two nations would benefit the countries in the long run and vigorous engagement is possible even at informal meetings.

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