Fulfill promises made to Andhra: Manmohan urges government

New Delhi, Aug 5 (IANS) Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday urged the government to implement the promises made to Andhra Pradesh so as to “protect the honour of the house”.

Participating in a debate in the Rajya Sabha on a private member’s bill to give special status to Andhra Pradesh post its bifurcation, Manmohan Singh explained why the UPA government which he headed could not implement the assurance.

He said although an ordinance on Andhra Pradesh was drafted by the UPA government, it could not be issued as the parliamentary election process had started.

“On 20th February 2014 here in Rajya Sabha while passing the Andhra Pradesh reorganisation bill, I as the then Prime Minister made six promises on the floor of this august house. The then Leader of Opposition and now Leader of the House — Arun Jaitley satisfied with the promises withdrew all the amendments he had proposed,” Singh said.

“On 1st March 2014, Union Cabinet presided over by me considered and passed all promises made by me in this house. The cabinet sent a draft ordinance to the President but as the election process intervened, the ordinance could not be issued,” he said.

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