Framing the unseen elements of life

New Delhi, Dec 15 (IANS) There lies an essence in every elements of our everyday life which is often found as mundane and goes unseen. And artist Rashmi Rai brings alive those moments through her lens.

Curated by Gargi Seth, Rai’s first solo exhibition will showcase an array of 21 photographs that explores the symbolic nature of doors as a protection, a passage or a transition, a crooked street, a decrepit corner, a chance glance into an alley, a shuttered door and many more that form a good part of our subconscious reminisces.

A business management graduate, Rai pursued art since 2001 and has since made images with elements of abstraction and minimalism in landscapes, still life objects and expressive art portraits. The exhibition will show features a melange of cities from the lanes of Udaipur to unnoticed streets of Spain over a period of five years.

Rashmi’s style of work is about the interplay of light and her spontaneity with her camera. Her art explores the interplay of our jaded, bland, urban existence with vistas of rustic charm, or of faraway town allure. Her images ask us to pay attention to scenes and details habitually passed over, presenting beauty in unlikely places.

“My motivation of turning to the camera comes from my love for paintings. I always wanted to be a painter. But after understanding light, form and colour with the camera, and the process of ‘making’ an instant picture in the camera, made it achievable to capture moments faster that a painted canvas. This exhibition brings forth the everyday beauty of doors and architecture laden with humdrum art”, Rai expressed.

Rai’s exhibition will be showcased at Triveni Kala Sangam ?from December 8 to 27.

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