Easy and difficult to be one-man band: Youngr

New Delhi, Dec 8 (IANS) One-man band musician Dario Darnell, popularly known as Youngr, says it is both easy and difficult to do a solo act.

“It is easy because you don’t have to deal with a band and any drama, but it is difficult because all the responsibility is on you on stage and it can get a bit boring on stage. The point of music is to share it with people, so it sounds amazing. You have got to constantly connect with the fans,” Youngr, who was here as part of his India tour last month, told IANS.

The London-based pop star also performed in Bengaluru, Goa, Pune and Mumbai. This wasn’t his first time in the country.

“My experience hasn’t really changed. It’s been the same crazy experience with some crazy people, comfort, and everything takes just 15 minutes and good food. I love it,” he said.

What brings him back to the country?

“The sunshine,” he said.

The artiste has taken his music to various places including Guatemala, Kazakhstan and Ibiza.

But what makes him perform solo?

“I think it’s because I can. I did a video and it’s because I have the ability to do so, it’s fun yeah. Some people will talk about the one person who is doing music by one person and also, it’s a lot cheaper when you have one person as compared to say, four people,” he said.

On self-releasing his debut song “Out of my system”, he said: “We didn’t have a record label and we just wanted to do it ourselves. Me and my manager, we decided to put it out ourselves. There was no other choice.”

Youngr has sought influence from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris and his father and musician August Darnell.

Asked if singing cover versions of popular songs is the best way to connect with the audience for new singers, he said: “I have found out by touring that it’s not the best way to connect. People actually want to listen in the show to my music and not some covers of songs they have already heard. I play all my own music and not remix.”

What about plans of collaborating with other artistes?

“I am collaborating with a producer I like – Wingtip. We have a song coming out next year,” he said.

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