Deeply anguished with SC developments: Mamata

Kolkata, Jan 12 (IANS) Expressing deep anguish over the day’s developments at the Supreme Court, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said the developments have made “us really sad as citizens”.

“We are deeply anguished with the developments today about the Supreme Court. What we are getting from the statement of the four senior Hon’ble Judges of Supreme Court about the affairs of the Court makes us really sad as citizens,” Banerjee said in a series of tweets.

Describing judiciary and media as pillars of democracy, she said in another tweet: “Extreme interference of Central Government with Judiciary is dangerous for democracy.”

Divisions in the Supreme Court burst out in the open on Friday when four senior most judges took an unprecedented step of addressing the media to accuse Chief Justice Dipak Misra of breaching rules in assigning cases to appropriate benches, with one of them pointing to the plea regarding the mysterious death of Special CBI judge B.H. Loya.

At a hurriedly called press conference at his residence, Justice J. Chelameswar and three other colleagues said the Supreme Court administration was “not in order” and their efforts to persuade Justice Misra even this morning “with a specific request” failed, forcing them to “communicate with the nation” directly.

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