Davina McCall ‘will never be recovered’ from addiction

London, July 16 (IANS) Television presenter Davina McCall won’t ever stop attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings because she will never be recovered from her addictions.

The 49-year-old presenter has been sober for over 20 years, but insists she will “never be recovered” and finds her weekly support group sessions are still incredibly helpful and inspiring, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She told the Sunday People newspaper: “I’ll ­ definitely never be recovered. I love going to my AA meetings and don’t think I will ever stop.”

“They are very welcoming. All my mates are there, it’s a social thing and they inspire me.”

The former “Big Brother” presenter has always spoken frankly about her addiction struggles, and admits it was regarded as “shocking” in the early days of her career.

“I started talking about it a long time ago because I wanted to tell people in my own words. I’m talking 25 years ago, so it was especially shocking back then. I was the only presenter who had been an addict,” she said.

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