Congress slams ‘misuse of government resources’ for Modi’s promotion

New Delhi, Feb 12 (IANS) The Congress on Monday alleged the “government resources were misused” to organise a public event in Muscat for the promotion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The party demanded an explanation from the Union government as to how it allowed “instruments and institutions of the State to be misused in such a manner for the personal promotion of the Prime Minister and for his propaganda, which is unbecoming of his office”.

“We are in possession of a letter dated January 17 from the Indian Ambassador to Muscat. He has written to all major Indian companies there, saying that the Embassy of India in Muscat plans to organise a mega public event for the Indian community in the second week of February in Muscat,” senior Congress leader Anand Sharma told reporters here.

“The letter also said that the date, time and venue of the proposed event will be conveyed soon. It also said that as employees and workers of major companies in Oman represent a significant section of the Indian community living in Oman, they (Indian Embassy) would like to have their participation in the event,” he added.

The Congress leader shared the said letter with reporters.

“They gave clear directives to the Indian companies to bring their workers, employees and insulting them by saying that 80 per cent should be blue-collar workers.

“A format was also enclosed, with requests for their details. The information about persons nominated to participate in the event were told to be kept fully secure… A request was made to arrange group transport for the participants,” Sharma said quoting the letter.

The former Union Minister said: “The government’s resources have throughout been misused in the past for organising mega events — whether it was in Madison Square or Wembley Stadium. There was huge expenditure because it was more of a celebration and a cultural event or a festival.

“Even for the recent one, he created a platform through government agencies and the Indian Embassy to bring in people. They had no option but to come and cheer the Prime Minister,” said Sharma.

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