China launches database for stolen foreign antiques

Beijing, April 21 (IANS) The State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) in China launched a database on Friday for stolen foreign antiques to prevent them from entering and circulating in the country.

The administration will go on to ask entry-exit examination offices to intensify the supervision over the entry and exit of stolen foreign antiques, Xinhua reported.

It also called on professional institutions, practitioners and the public to check the database from time to time, to avoid the purchase or sale of such items.

The damage to cultural heritage has become a common challenge for the international community, and the stealing and trafficking of antiques has damaged the historical and cultural legacy of many countries, the SACH said in the statement.

Last year, the administration joined with the Ministry of Public Security in a similar platform for stolen Chinese antiques.

Since 2008, the SACH has made public information on over 6,900 stolen foreign antiques.

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