BCI delegation to meet judges on the crisis

New Delhi, Jan 13 (IANS) The Bar Council of India (BCI) met here on Saturday and unanimously decided that a seven-member delegation of the bar would try to meet majority of Supreme Court judges on Sunday in an attempt to persuade them to resolve the crisis facing the highest judiciary at the earliest.

“We are ready to offer our mediation,” BCI President Manan Misra told the media after the meeting in which resolutions were passed on the crisis triggered by the press conference of four judges attacking the Chief Justice of India on Friday.

Addressing the media after the meeting, he said the matter should not be politicised and should be resolved amicably.

Mishra said it was a family dispute and should be resolved within the judiciary. However, he felt the judges should not have gone to the media with their complaints.

Earlier, he said said it was “most unfortunate” that four senior judges held a press conference, sending out a message that all was not well with the Supreme Court and that the issue should have been “sorted out internally”.

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