Author Batliwala irked over denial of entry to city swimming club

Kolkata, Dec 17 (IANS) Writer and Art of Living teacher Khurshed Batliwala was allegedly stopped while entering a reputed city swimming club for not following the dress code in place since British times.

In the city to participate in spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s programme, Batliwala and his author friend Dinesh Ghodke were allegedly denied entry to Calcutta Swimming Club on Friday for wearing kurta pajamas, a traditional Indian attire.

“Came up against something utterly ludicrous tonight. We had come to the calcutta swimming club. Shiv in the photo is a member of this ‘prestigious’ (read snooty) place. They sadly still have not got independence from the British Raj,” Batliwala posted on Facebook that night.

“Dinesh, me and Shiv were not allowed into the club because we were wearing Kurta Pyjama. Kurta Pyjama is considered to be a formal dress code of India. I would wear it to a wedding.

“This is such nonsense because people with Tshirts were allowed in… Jeans are fine. Just kurtas are not. What horrible discrimination against something that is completely Indian.

“These kind of institutions should be shut down for the disrespect and disregard they have for Indian culture.

“It is these pseudo-intellectual-aristocratic institutions that are the shame of India,” he added.

Calcutta Swimming Club president Anil Choudhury was unavailable for comments.

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