Australia-based Kerala painter to create series on women

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 23 (IANS) After a successful painting exhibition on Omani art, culture and personalities, Australia-based Keralite painter Sedunath Prabhakar has decided to do a series on women.

The Indian Embassy in Oman had invited Prabhakar to Muscat to stage an exhibition of around 30 paintings and on conclusion, 18 of his paintings were sold.

“Each of the paintings went for around Rs one lakh and was basically depiction of Oman art and culture besides paintings of the King of Oman. 10 of them were purchased by Omani nationals,” said Prabhakar to IANS, presently holidaying in his home district Kottayam.

The 44-year-old painter, currently resident of Melbourne, shot to fame early in 2017 with his painting on a 50-metre single long canvas titled “Pride of Australia”.

The “Pride of Australia” showcased portraits of 50 prominent Australians drawn from a wide and varying cultural, social and political spectrum and was put up for display at the Queen’s Hall complex in the Victorian Parliament.

Explaining his next work, Prabhakar said while women in Australia are by and large safe, he felt that it was not the case in India and other countries.

“Once I am back in Melbourne by the end of the month (November), I will start a series on women. This is the first time I am attempting such a theme as I have observed that women in general are having a tough time in several places.

“Through my paintings, I will try to explain what is in my mind,” added Prabhakar.

In Australia, he trains students at the Kalakshetra Art and Music School, Melbourne.

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