Android P Beta 2 released with 157 new emojis

San Francisco, June 7 (IANS) Google has announced a new beta version for its upcoming Android P release that shows addition of over 157 new emojis, expected to be rolled out by later this year, the media reported.

“The new emojis will include new items like a skateboard, lobster, support for redheads and a gender-neutral option for the family and couple emojis,” The Verge reported late on Wednesday.

“Google is reportedly following the Emojipedia guideline stating ‘if a gender is not mentioned, then a gender-neutral or gender-inclusive’ display should be used,” the report added.

Outside of the gender-neutral shift, there are many other changes coming alongside the next set of Android emojis whereas some others are just getting tweaked.

New sets of emojis with curly hair, white hair, bald people, faces with a birthday party hat on and new items like a mango, a ball of yarn, a llama and more are expected to be part of the future emoji update.

Android P Beta 2 is out for some devices and is expected to reach all users in July or August 2018.

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