Amish Tripathi’s book on Raja Suheldev to release on July 16

Mumbai, June 7 (IANS) Author Amish Tripathi has penned a book on Raja Suheldev, a semi-legendary Indian king from Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh. It will release on July 16.

Titled “Suheldev & The Battle of Bahraich”, the book will be a part of a new series – ‘Indic Chronicles’. It will narrate the story of an unforgettable battle fought in 1025 AD that drove the Turks away for 170 years, read a statement.

The author shared the news during the Facebook Live on Sonali Bendre’s Book Club page.

Readers are also awaiting the release of his Book 3 of Ramachandra Series- “Raavan: Son Of Aryavarta”.

“The story of Raavan is long, his life was difficult and I want to showcase the emotions right. The book is coming right on schedule. It will be out by the end of the year or early next year. I am more than halfway through it already. But Suheldev is not delaying the book at all. This was the plan with the publishers and we are launching each book according to schedule,” Tripathi shared.

Assisted by Vikas Singh, “Suheldev & The Battle of Bahraich” is the first book with which Tripathi has introduced the trending concept of Writer’s Center in India.

Writer’s Center is an international format wherein a particular author is assisted by different authors on different books. The idea is if one author has the story, he hires someone, and tells the whole story to them, and what research nees to be done. And then the assisting author would write the first draft and then the author will work on it.

Tripathi says the format has been his “support system for the book”.

“It not only enables me to hire a writer but also create a skeleton framework for my ideas to turn them into 500 pages worth of material. Working on this book with Vikas Singh has created a pool of ideas and stories for another.

“I plan on doing this consistently and release 20 books in the Indic Chronicles coming out in every 6 months. There are two other projects also that I am working on with other writers,” he said.

“Suheldev and The Battle Of Bahraich” will mark Tripathi’s foray into historical fiction for the first time.

“The way history is taught to us presents the narrative in a very distorted way. A lot of heroes are airbrushed in our history books and there are many more about whom we never read. ‘Suheldev & The Battle Of Bahraich’ is based on few ‘lok kathaye’ (folktales). It is a great story of our country together and to me this a very important message in today’s time,” he said.

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